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Quantum Spirit - Apocalypse

What if the survival of humanity rested in the heart and hands

of a thirteen-year-old girl?

Awakening from a coma, thirteen-year-old Salena Hawthorne discovers she has received some remarkable new talents. Adding to her existing clairvoyance, the recent abilities to see auras and move between dimensions round out her paranormal tool kit. While Salena finds her new abilities distracting, they stir all kinds of excitement with her BFFs and her parents.

When a pandemic is unleashed in the Third Dimension threatening the complete annihilation of humanity, Salena travels to the highly evolved Fifth Dimension to discover the source of the plague and how to stop it. Bringing the otherworldly solution back to the Third Dimensional doctors and scientists baffled by the contagion is easier said than done. With pharmaceutical companies that are poised to make trillions fighting to conceal the truth and a world not ready to trust the supernatural realm, Salena carries an incredible burden and must get creative to convince everyone to listen.

Juggling eighth grade homework, multi-dimensional love interests, and Fifth Dimension ambassadorial duties are the least of Salena’s worries, but present complications for her mission along the way. Realizing she may be humanity’s only hope, Salena calls in her friends and family to help her change the devastating tide. But, is an impending apocalypse too much for this teenage girl to handle?

Quantum Spirit - Redemption

In progress is the exciting next installment in the Quantum Spirit Series!