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Katrina Drake

Sun Sign


Circle Location

North - Earth

Katrina, or Kat as her friends call her, is considered to be the exotic beauty of the group. She and her family moved to Reno when she was still in elementary school, and while it was difficult for her to make friends at first; she joined the Sisterhood in sixth grade. Salena often finds herself jealous of Kat’s perfect ‘tan’ and is always striving to copy it though she knows it isn’t possible. Even though Kat is always told that she is beautiful, she doesn’t let it get to her head. She is the least conceded or egotistical girl you will ever meet. She is a sweet girl who would never let her friends down if she had the choice.

Her mom and dad went through a rather nasty divorce which left Kat a bit scarred. It is never easy to watch a marriage fall apart, let alone a family. She often felt like a little ping pong ball being bounced back and forth between her mom and her dad. This put strain on her social life because half the time she had to cave to the wants of one or the other to keep the peace. Her father was recently claimed by the Blue Flu, which tore Kat up. Though she got annoyed with their fighting and the constant tug-of-war games, she never wanted to lose her daddy.

Though the wounds of her loss are still fresh she still has her mother, who is a survivor of the very illness that took her father, and a wonderful group of friends devoted to making her feel loved. If she hadn’t met the Sisterhood she truly would have been lost to all of the negative energy that threatens to swallow her up each and every day.