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Salena Hawthorne

Sun Sign


Circle Location

Center - Spirit

Salena is a thirteen year old girl who attends Swope Middle school in Reno, NV. Her mother's name is Miakoda (aka Mia) Hawthorne and her father is James Hawthorne. Like any normal middle school student Salena stresses over homework, delights in hanging out with her friends, and tries not to embarass herself around totally cute boys like Tim and Jace. But she is far from normal.

Not only does Salena possess a gift that allows her to see spirits and read the auras of others, but she also has the ability to ascend into an entirely different dimension! Kind of makes algebra homework that much more boring doesn't it? The only problem is that now the weight of the world has literally fallen squarely upon her young shoulders, and she finds herself buried up to her neck in some serious responsibilities. But luckily she doesn't have to handle it all by herself.

With the combined efforts and love from her friends in the Sisterhood of the Silver Moon, the Society of the Silver Moon, and her newfound friends in the Fifth Dimension, Salena will be more than capable of saving the world and all who live in it.