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Sam Jung

Sun Sign


Circle Location

South - Fire

Sam is the only boy in the Sisterhood, but he doesn’t really seem to mind it all that much. He would definitely have to be classified as the brains of the operation due to his love of knowledge and studying. Though he is friends with every member of the Sisterhood he is especially close to Keia because they were born days apart, their mom’s are very close, and they were basically raised together. He is said to be ‘one of the girls’ in more ways than one.

Sam is the stereotypical smart Asian but his parents aren’t all about rules and regulations. They have allowed him to grow and change as a person without putting major restrictions on what he learns or what he believes in. In this way he has become very knowledgeable about many different faiths and cultures, knowledge that has helped the sisterhood immensely. At times he feels like his research falls on deaf ears, but at the end of the day he usually gets to have an ‘I told you so’ moment when it is found to be the key to a big problem that needs solving.

He is the perfect ‘boyfriend’ who loves going out shopping, and boy watching as much as the next girl. He is not a complete girl though, for he loves his Tai Chi and Martial Arts which make him a force to be reckoned with. He loves each and every one of his Sisters and would do anything for them.